Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank god it's Friday. This whole real-world thing is exhausting, and I hate feeling worn out.

But I get to see Laura and my parents this weekend, so that's good.

And I know almost all the kids' names now. I'm gonna try to observe another teacher during my lunch period today. Seeing the same class three times in a row gets pretty boring. I'm hoping to be able to plan some engaging activities when I take over the class, but it scares me to see that even an experienced teacher has so much trouble cramming all the necessary information into one class period, and that there's little time for creative stuff after the class has settled down. I may need to use traditional methods of transmitting content. Penn will love that, I'm sure.

And the Drexel students congregating outside my house last night were incredibly loud. I hope that's not a permanent thing, because it's bringing back bad memories of 801 Montgomery.

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