Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm currently doing reading for my Social Studies Teaching Methods class, or at least pretending to. I've actually heard good things about the book "Lies My Teacher Told Me", which is supposed to blow the lid off everything we've ever learned about American history. Or something like that. Although I believe Bryn Mawr accomplished that goal, albeit more cruelly.

I'm really psyched for tonight's Gossip Girl Premiere. I really hope Serena will play less of a role this season if she's off at Brown, but I somehow doubt I'll be that lucky. but Big Love doesn't start up until January, nor does American Idol (with Ellen Degeneres replacing Paula Abdul!), nor does 10 Things I hate About You, so right now GG is where it's at. Oh, and my Sunday night Desperate Housewives/Brothers and Sisters double-hitter, starting September 27th.

Tomorrow I'm interviewing two students about their experiences with Social Studies classes and their opinions on learning history as a subject. Should be really interesting.

Apple cider from the Amish people who sell things at their little stand across the street from my house is positively amazing. Too bad I have to wait until Saturday to get more.

Ted bought a classy tie before heading off to his Interacting With Adolescents class which I, luckily enough, have already taken. (clarification: I've taken the course...not the tie.)Which means I'll be able to devote a little more time to Managing People, which, judging by the syllabus, will be the death of me.

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