Saturday, September 12, 2009

Germantown Friends School is really impressive. Both the campus and the people. I had the opportunity to check out their sustainable urban science center, and it really made me wish that public schools had the financial capital to build these really functional spaces that also happen to be good for the earth. but that comes after my initial wish, which is for public schools to have enough books and supplies and teachers...which means the earth will have to wait its turn.

I do not lead an interesting enough life to use Twitter, so I'll probably use the blog for little updates. On my list of things to do today is some reading for a class that i'm taking on human behavior, which the professor assures us will enable us to get anyone to do anything we want. I'm not convinced that this is possible...maybe I'll actually do the readings, and then see how I feel.

I should maybe also try to make it to Anthropologie or something. I'm a little too tired to shop (never thought I'd say that), but all of my professional-looking clothes are falling off me from all the weight I've lost, and I need a few things that fit.

Ugh. i just want to feel better. Hopefully i'll have a relaxing night, catch up on schoolwork tomorrow, and be somewhat refreshed for week 2 at my student-teaching placement. I'm looking forward to taking on some new duties like attendance, or assisting individual students.

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