Thursday, October 22, 2009

i'm in the classroom. i'm getting way more used to it, and i don't feel like a completely incompetent teacher. i haven't taken over the class yet, and i'm relieved about that, because we're discussing the slave trade, and all the material that this chapter covers makes me absolutely sick. not such a great subject for someone who's already having stomach issues. i'm hoping i'll feel less sickly if i take over at the start of the next chapter. slavery in colonial north america isn't exactly puppies and rainbows, but it's a little more my speed than talking about diseases on slave ships. it's not that i think it's unimportant, but i have a really bad reaction to human suffering.

i'm trying hard to stay optimistic. even though i really haven't been feeling well lately, and my doctor still doesn't know exactly what's wrong, i'm trying to focus on planning my lessons so the transition from assisting in the classroom to teaching by myself will go as smoothly as possible. being this tired really isn't helping my physical state or my mental state, but i just need to hang in there. i'm caught up in my classes, i enjoy them, and if i can just get over my nervousness, i think i'll be able to complete student-teaching. it'll get easier in time, i hope.

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