Thursday, October 8, 2009

i am SO tired. oh my gosh. but if i can just last one more day, that will mean i made it to school on time all five days this week, which is cause for celebration, despite the fact that i feel really ill.

another extended advisory period today. these make me want to die a little.

confirmed case of swine flu at radnor high school. trying not to freak out. hopefully roxborough students will be smart enough to stay home if they're sick. they're smart enough to stay home when they're well, so, maybe the traditional lack of attendance will carry over.

everyone should see the movie "whip it". if, like me, you have been madly in love with ellen page since "juno", or if you just possess basic human emotions, you will love it. amazing directorial debut, drew barrymore.

i have a lot of papers to write. hm. maybe next year my weekends will be fun again.

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